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Industrial Manufacturing

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Automate processes and enable machine-to-machine communication

In traditional manufacturing, both simple and complex product assembly lines require human interaction for success. These interactions include monitoring part inventory levels, ensuring machines are maintained, and identifying possible process improvements. The Impinj Platform enables Industry 4.0 – the term coined for smart factories where physical processes are machine monitored and machines and products communicate and work together, with humans, in real time.

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Warehouse Inventory Location

Find Any Item Easily, No Matter How Large the Warehouse

In a warehouse, efficient and well-organized storage plans don’t always mean that items are easily found. Impinj solutions identify both the item and the item location so workers can find what they’re looking for and confirm that it’s the right thing – eliminating errors and providing for flexible storage plans.

Asset Management

Track and Manage Important Assets

Find the right thing, when you need it while saving time and lowering costs with an asset tracking solution powered by Impinj. Track reusable containers to ensure easy returns, proper use, orderly storage and streamlined check-in/check-out procedures. Manage valuable equipment and tools to increase utilization, manage maintenance, comply with safety requirements and improve efficiency. Track hazardous materials to ensure proper handling, orderly storage and automated recordkeeping.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Automated Asset Tracking and Tracing

Monitor movement of returnable transport items and their containing parts with an affordable, automated IoT tracking solution from Impinj and noFilis.

Industry 4.0:

Connecting Machines and Products to the Internet of Things for Smart Manufacturing

As manufacturers begin to deploy RAIN RFID broadly, smart factories will become the standard model for manufacturing, driving forward business by reducing cost and increasing efficiencies.

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Track and Trace Assets with RAIN RFID

Learn how an affordable and automated RAIN RFID-based tracking solution monitors the movement of returnable transport items and their containing parts.

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Learn More About RAIN RFID

New to RAIN RFID? Read our RFID Technology Primer to learn how it works and the basics about standards.

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Impinj is the leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions that provide Item Intelligence in retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, and many other industries.