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Streamline Service and Delight Customers

In the world of customer service, businesses need to keep their focus on the customer. Improvements in efficiency reward the business threefold: reducing costs, increasing output and improving customer satisfaction.

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Customer Service

Innovative customer service ideas enabled by RAIN RFID

Restaurants use the Impinj platform to identify a customer's location to deliver food efficiently and to the right table, every time.

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Table Service

Expand the capacity of the restaurant through efficient handling of customers. Reduce or eliminate waiting times and lines. Increase revenue through efficient handling of all customers who come through during peak times.


TopGolf transforms driving ranges into fun and engaging experiences

Impinj RAIN RFID technology helped TopGolf to transform the traditional golf game or solo driving range experience into an exciting, interactive competition amongst friends and family.

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Food Authentication and Traceability

Ensure food safety and authenticity

Food manufacturers rely on the Impinj platform to ensure that their products are fresh and authentic.

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Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine Revolutionizes Beverage Dispensers with RAIN RFID

Coca-Cola partnered with Impinj to implement RAIN RFID technology within the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.


Dole Foods Tracks Produce from Field to Shelf with RFID

Dole Food Company uses a combination of RFID and GPS technology to ensure products meet quality and safety standards.

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Asset Tracking

Automate tracking of laundry, uniforms and other hospitality assets

Hotels and resorts use the Impinj platform to track laundry, uniforms and other textiles.

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Tracking Textile Items Reduces Costs

Hospitality establishments can cut costs by using RAIN RFID to manage locations and counts of linens, costumes and/or towels.

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Keeping track of employee uniforms at Rivers Casino

Clothing is tagged with Impinj RAIN RFID tags that can withstand the washing process.

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Best Practices for RAIN RFID Deployments

Many companies are benefiting from implementing RAIN RFID solutions to streamline inventory processes, track high value company assets and improve the customer experience. Before you begin your RAIN RFID deployment, check out our tips for deploying your solution.

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Learn More About RAIN RFID

New to RAIN RFID? Read our RFID Technology Primer to learn how it works and the basics about standards.

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Impinj is the leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions that provide Item Intelligence in retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, and many other industries.