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Every healthcare enterprise is challenged to deliver the best possible patient care while reducing costs and improving outcomes. According to the Harvard Business Review, more than half of the healthcare executives surveyed believe their delivery model is in need of innovation and disruption to be competitive and successful in the future. The Impinj platform provides an automated and reliable system for asset tracking, loss prevention, inventory and supply management and supply chain efficiencies.

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Is there a return on investment for RAIN RFID in Healthcare?

Healthcare providers around the world are implementing low-cost, high-impact RAIN RFID solutions that provide safer, better care. Are these projects only strategic or is there ROI to be gained?

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Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention

Automate management of assets and equipment

Automate the management of inventory processes for durable medical equipment, files and other assets. See the location of items in real-time for visibility into workflow status and resource planning. Reduce capital expenditures and rental costs through efficient use of equipment and ensure compliance with maintenance and regulated processes.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Mobile Medical Device Tracking & Distribution

Automate the management, distribution and availability of mobile medical equipment with a solution from Impinj and Accruent.

Healthcare Asset
Management & Optimization

Locate medical equipment in real-time and reduce rental costs by using an advanced asset management and optimization solution from Impinj and Conexus.

Intelligent Patient File Tracking For Hospitals

Healthcare providers who need an automated, real-time patient file tracking solution that extends to inventory tracking choose Impinj and the 6PM Group.


Improve Patient Outcomes with RAIN RFID

Learn how organizations are using RAIN RFID-based solutions to drive better outcomes for their patients while managing costs. With over 20 billion RAIN RFID tags sold to date, this proven technology is used by healthcare providers to realize meaningful ROI in inventory management, asset optimization and patient flow improvement.

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Inventory and Supply Management

Automate tracking of supplies and medications

Ensure that your staff has what they need, when they need it with accurate information about the location, stock levels and consumption of supplies. Manage inventory with lower cost through efficient utilization and expiration management.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Remote Automated Monitoring of High-Value Medical and Scientific Products

Automate the management of medical and scientific products in the supply chain with a solution from Impinj and Terso.

Hospital Supply Usage Tracking

Accurately and automatically track usage of medical supplies in the Operating Room, Emergency Department, Catheterization Lab, and ICU with the Impinj and DeRoyal RAIN RFID solution.

Medication Management

Automate the process of managing and replenishing pharmacy medication kits and trays with Impinj and MEPS.


University of Tennessee Medical Center

University of Tennessee Medical Center tracks and manages OR supplies and improves patient charge capture with RAIN RFID.

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Supply Chain Effectiveness

Automated management of products through the full supply chain

From the manufacturer or distributor to the healthcare organization to the patient, ensure visibility of data required for track and trace processes and unique device identification (UDI) compliance.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Medical Supply & Device Management

Track, manage and control clinical supplies from their entry into a facility's stockroom to the point-of-care with a solution from Impinj and VUEMED.

Hospital Inventory Management

Reduce operational costs and improve workflow through real-time, accurate and automated inventory management for your health system with Impinj and ARC Healthcare Technologies.

UDI Track & Trace with RAIN RFID

Improve healthcare supply chain operations and comply with UDI regulations using RAIN RFID-enabled UDI tracking from Impinj and VUEMED.


Transform the Healthcare Supply Chain with UDI-compliant RAIN RFID

This webinar presentation explains how RAIN RFID can be used through the entire supply chain - from manufacturer and hospital to the point of use - to fulfill the FDA's UDI track & trace regulations, track recalls & expiration, achieve optimal inventory levels and attain highly accurate electronic medical records.

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Automated Field Inventory Management

Break free from the costly problems of field inventory tracking and management with RAIN RFID mobile cases from Terso Solutions and Impinj.


Automate Field Inventory Management of Medical Devices and Implants with RAIN RFID Solutions

Terso Solutions' Mobile Case uses automated RAIN RFID technology to solve in-field inventory problems, giving your field representatives the right products when they need them.

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Improve Patient Experience

Automate workflow of patients and caregivers

Understanding patterns of movement through your facility brings improved patient experiences by lowering wait times and improving process flow. Support wayfinding and customer service so that your patient’s experience is as pleasant as possible.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Automated Patient Discharge

Automated patient flow solution from Impinj and TeleTracking accelerates hospital bed turnover to efficiently serve more patients and drive increased revenue.


New Thinking on an Old Challenge: Improving Healthcare Asset Management with RAIN RFID Technology

Understand the challenges healthcare providers are facing, how RAIN RFID technology is well suited for hospitals looking for digital transformation technologies, and a phased approach to enterprise-wide asset management.

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Improve Clinical Outcomes

Automate tracking for compliance and workflow

Ensure that clinicians and staff comply with protocols such as hand washing and safety procedures. Track staff movements to ensure high levels of patient care and efficient resource planning.


Make informed decisions based on facts, not guesswork

With accurate, real-time information at your fingertips, healthcare managers make informed decisions based on real data. Uncover the reality in order to improve your operations and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

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Supply Chain Efficiency: Go Beyond Two-Bin Kanban

The Two-Bin Kanban system is successfully used in many industries, but does it work for healthcare? By combining Kanban principles with RAIN RFID technology Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital has been able to achieve real benefits that wouldn't be measured by LEAN and Kanban principals alone.

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Learn More About RAIN RFID

New to RAIN RFID? Read our RFID Technology Primer to learn how it works and the basics about standards.

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