Monza 5 RFID Tag Chip

Optimized for Item-Level RFID Tagging

Monza 5 RFID Tag Chip

With unique features, such as FastID™ inventory and TagFocus™ mode, that support fast authentication and facilitate the reading of difficult-to-reach tags, Monza 5 UHF RFID tag chips are the ideal solution for item level tagging applications that requires high-volume, high-performance, serial-numbered tags.

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Monza 5 RFID Tag Chip

An Ideal Solution
for All Applications

Unique features deliver inlay successes

Monza 5 tag chips provide features to enable efficient and consistent inlay manufacturing without adding overhead, deliver scalable high-performance source tagging, and enable inventory accuracy.

Smart Encoding, Fast Write Speeds.

Monza 5 RFID Tag Chip

Monza 5 UHF RFID tag chips support high read/write reliability and fast write speeds yielding optimal RFID business results with low applied tag cost. Monza 5 features include:

  • High read sensitivity, enabling small tag designs and long read ranges
  • Fast encoding speed-over 3,000 tags/minute
  • Easy-to-deploy, reliable and scalable chip-based serialization method with Monza Self-Serialization
  • 48 bits serialized Tag Identifier (TID) memory for authentication and anti-cloning application support
  • FastID™ inventory, which boosts TID-based inventory speeds by up to 2-3 times
  • Repassivation layer, providing consistent performance and easing inlay and label manufacturing
Monza 5 RFID Tag Chip

Monza Self-Serialization

Monza Self-Serialization Webinar

Easy-to-deploy, reliable and scalable chip-based serialization.

Monza Self-Serialization enables brand owners to generate a serial number directly from their tag's Monza chip, eliminating the need for IT systems to coordinate, distribute and synchronize serial numbers. Monza Self-Serialization features:

  • SGTIN serial numbers generated directly from Monza's unalterable Tag Identifier (TID)
  • EPC data quality and integrity with verifiable SGTIN at any point in supply chain

FastID and TagFocus Improve Read Rates and Reliability

Monza FastID

FastID improves the read rates of Monza 5 tags being inventoried by their TID or EPC and TID numbers, delivering a 2-3X faster read rate than traditional Gen 2 inventory scenarios.

TagFocus improves read reliability for large tag populations by instructing tags that have already been inventoried to remain in a non-responsive state. This helps the reader find difficult-to-read tags, making it an ideal choice for asset tracking, retail inventory monitoring and supply chain applications.

Monza FastID
Monza 5 EPC Memory
Monza 5 User Memory
Monza 5 Read Sensitivity
Monza 5 Write Sensitivity
Monza 5 Write Speed

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Why Impinj?

Leading the Industry

The Impinj Platform, an integrated set of UHF RFID hardware, software, and application interfaces, is the most comprehensive and widely adopted platform in the industry. The Impinj Platform provides real-time information about people and objects, including their identity, location, and authenticity, allowing companies to improve business decisions and enhance consumer experience. Building an application on the industry standard means your solution will be utilizing best in market technology for better results and increased customer satisfaction.

Leading Businesses Rely on Impinj

Coke Customer Success


Coca-Cola embedded RFID and revolutionized drink dispensing systems.

Hamni Case Study

Hanmi Pharmaceuticals

Gained greater inventory visibility in pharmacies and their supply chain.

Eurocopter Case Study


Reduced labor costs and improved efficiency of maintenance and inventory.

Memove Case Study


Valdac Global Brands' memove stores use RFID from source to floor.

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