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Indy R500 Reader Chip

Enables low system costs

Indy R500

The Indy R500 radio chip integrates up to 90% of the components in a traditional discrete reader design and is the base model of the Indy reader chip family. The Indy R500 shares the same modem and transmitter with the Indy R2000 but has limited Rx sensitivity and interference rejection. The Indy R500 reader chip:

  • Enables the lowest overall system cost for UHF RFID readers
  • Ideal for applications that require short read distance of small tag populations: access control, printers, embedded readers, POS devices, light-duty handhelds, appliances, and smartphone/tablet reader accessories

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Indy R500

Performance and Flexibility

Key building blocks address all market segments

The Indy family provides highly integrated, high-performance reader chips and supporting software that deliver the key building blocks for a wide spectrum of UHF RFID readers, all on a common Indy platform. By reducing the complexity of reader designs, while delivering unprecedented capabilities, Indy reader chips drive down the cost of design and manufacturing.

Optimized for fast product development

Indy Development

Indy chips lower design complexity, cut manufacturing costs, and increase reliability. All Indy products deliver:

  • An easy path to worldwide regulatory compliance with support for EPCglobal Gen 2 and ISO-18000-63 specifications
  • Integrated RF and DSP: transmit, receive, demodulation, and baseband functions
  • Modern DSP techniques: coherent IQ demodulation, carrier/timing recovery, low RSSI variance and optimal baseband detection; enables advanced reader features and high read reliability
  • Industry’s most advanced modem operation: firmware upgradability
  • Complete development tools and reference designs

Indy Development

Why Impinj?

Why Impinj

Leading the Industry

The Impinj Platform, an integrated set of UHF RFID hardware, software, and application interfaces, is the most comprehensive and widely adopted platform in the industry. The Impinj Platform provides real-time information about people and objects, including their identity, location, and authenticity, allowing companies to improve business decisions and enhance consumer experience. Building an application on the industry standard means your solution will be utilizing best in market technology for better results and increased customer satisfaction.

Why Impinj

Leading Businesses Rely on Impinj

Coke Customer Success Story


Coca-Cola embedded RFID and revolutionized drink dispensing systems.

Hanmi Case Study

Hanmi Pharmaceuticals

Gained greater inventory visibility in pharmacies and their supply chain.

Eurocopter Case Study


Reduced labor costs and improved efficiency of maintenance and inventory.

memove Case Study


Valdac Global Brands' memove stores use RFID from source to floor.

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