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Monza® 5 UHF RFID Tag Chips

Optimized for Item-Level RFID Tagging

With unique features such as FastID™ inventory that supports fast authentication, and a TagFocus™ mode that facilitates the reading of difficult-to-reach tags, Monza 5 passive UHF RFID tag chips are the ideal solution for item‑level RFID tagging of apparel, pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, and jewelry, or any other application that requires high-volume, high-performance, serial-numbered tags.

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Monza® 5 tag chips enable unmatched read reliability and encoding performance to yield optimal RFID business results with low applied tag cost, by delivering:

  • Industry’s highest read sensitivity, enabling smaller tag designs, longer read ranges, and practical use cases

  • Fastest encoding speed available—over 3,000 tags/minute

  • Highest write sensitivity—more than four times as sensitive as competitors

  • Easy-to-deploy, reliable and scalable chip-based serialization method with Monza Self-Serialization

  • 48 bits serialized Tag Identifier (TID) memory for authentication and anti-cloning application support

  • FastID™ inventory, which boosts TID-based inventory speeds by up to 2‑3 times (patent pending)

  • Repassivation layer, providing consistent performance and easing inlay and label manufacturing (patent pending)


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Monza 5 UHF RFID Tag Chips for Item-Level RFID Tagging

Monza 5 UHF RFID tag chips support fast write speeds, high write reliability, and smart encoding systems to deliver fast, reliable source tagging.

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Model Features Overview


User Memory

EPC Memory

Serialized TID Monza Self-Serialization True3DTM Antenna Technology QT® Memory Security

Monza 5

32 up to 128 dot-250-nn dot-250-nn    

Monza 4D

32 up to 128 dot-250-nn   dot-250-nn  

Monza 4E

128 up to 496 dot-250-nn   dot-250-nn  

Monza 4QT

512 up to 128 dot-250-nn   dot-250-nn dot-250-nn

Operating Conditions and Electrical Characteristics Overview

Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Operating Frequency 860   960 MHz
Read Sensitivity (Dipole Antenna)   -20   dBm
Write Sensitivity (Dipole Antenna)   -16   dBm
Operating Temperature -40   85 ºC
Memory Retention (non-volatile)   50   Years
Memory Programming Cycles (non-volatile)   100,000   Cycles


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