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Introducing the Indy RS500 RFID Reader SiP Solution

The Indy RS500 RFID reader SiP (system in package) is a completely integrated reader solution in a small surface mount package that enables fast time-to-market with low development risk. Building on the market-leading Indy reader chip technology, the Indy RS500 SiP only needs three connections (DC power, UART communication and an antenna) to start reading tags. Unlike RFID embedded reader chip solutions that require greater investment due to complexity in RF design, manufacturing and certification, the Indy RS500 has no external components, is fully tested and meets regulatory requirements. The Indy RS500 is a surface mount package designed to work as a SMT (surface mount technology) component in a standard PCB manufacturing process, which eliminates costly mechanical hardware and RF cables that are typically required with reader modules on the market today.

Ideal for moderate read range of small tag populations, the Indy RS500 SiP’s small form factor enables a diverse range of applications that need a low-cost embedded UHF Gen 2 RFID reader, such as consumables authentication, access control, process control, appliances, medical equipment, printers, and low-cost handheld readers.

The Indy RS500 is now in production.

Indy RS500 Features

  • 23dBm maximum output power
  • Rx sensitivity -65dBm
  • Fail safe boot loader adds reliability during field updates
  • Firmware upgradeable to G2 (Gen 2 V2)
  • Dense reader mode support
  • Fully tested with worldwide compliance
  • Small 30mm x 32mm surface mount package
  • Shielded package to prevent unwanted radiation and immunity to noise
  • Easy system integration with new Impinj Radio Interface (IRI), an asynchronous message-based interface. IRI Tool Kit source code available
  • Support for Monza® tag chip advanced features

Indy RS500 RFID Reader SiP Solution

The Indy RS500 reader SiP is a completely integrated reader solution in a small surface mount package.


Best in Show - RFID Journal Awards 2013

The Indy RS500 was a finalist for RFID Journal's Best in Show Award.

Impinj Indy® RS500 Reader SiP Solution At A Glance

  Indy RS500 

Air Interface Protocol

EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-63 (formerly 18000-6C)
with support for future G2 via firmware update

Output Power

10 to 23 dBm

Rx Sensitivity

-65dBm sensitivity in DRM mode based on 1% packet error rate.
Sensitivity depends on carrier reflection from antenna. In most
cases, sensitivity will be better than -65dBm.

Power Modes

Active, standby and sleep modes

Power Consumption

2.5 watts @ 23dBm

Operating Frequencies

GX: 902 - 928 MHz
EU: 865 - 868 MHz


Operating: -20 to +70 oC
Storage: -30 to +100 oC

RF Input and Output

50 ohm