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The Benefits of "Powered by Impinj" RFID

Assuring RFID Integrity


There is RFID, and then there is Impinj RFID. Impinj assures the integrity of RFID systems—our products perform accurately and reliably, with built-in capability to adapt to changing and challenging environments. Impinj has earned a reputation for having the best technology in the industry, created by innovators who have consistently anticipated, met, and overcome challenges deemed by others as too difficult, while setting new industry standards for quality and reliability. Impinj® is the de facto UHF Gen 2 RFID market leader for a host of reasons:  Powered by Impinj Shield


  • Impinj contributed significantly to the development of the Gen 2 standard and helped prove its technological elements
  • Impinj was the first to market with Gen 2 tag chip products
  • Impinj was the first to earn interoperability certification for both tag and reader products
  • Impinj products exhibit excellent sensitivity and interference rejection—both critical to read reliability
  • Impinj innovations include tag chips and reader designs that optimize write performance for efficient and accurate encoding.
  • Impinj demonstrates outstanding performance throughout the world using the same tag chip and antenna
  • Impinj continually innovates antenna designs that enable new applications of RFID
  • Impinj pioneered the use of UHF Gen 2 for item-level tagging, now the obvious choice of major pharmaceuticals companies that require absolute accuracy and high throughput

No other RFID company can claim these performance leadership achievements or exceed these capabilities. The integrity of Impinj RFID products has been proven time and time again in a many benchmarks, pilots, and deployments. When it comes to installing RFID into your application, ask for it to be Powered by Impinj.

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